Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mentally abused.

So I thought I am only being abused mentally during year 1, but unfortunately am being abused now as well.
I hate people who are being secretive. I mean, I am not kepoci or what. The point is, if you want to tell me something, tell me straightforward. I don't like people hesitate or tell me half way. If you think 'let it be mysterious', then I would say, 'mysterious is so mainstream now, to me its more like annoying'. I'm not interested in anyone's life. But once you 'break the ice', I'll be very concern and I want it to be solved or achieved, or settled. No half way, no bullshits, no unclear stories.
Okay fine, if you wanna tell me unclear stories, go ahead. But don't be mad if I misinterpret ay? I do think I have the rights to think on the possibilities.

ps: I told you to tell her instead of me. I told you she would understands you way way better than me. I told you i'm blur and slow and naive. I warned you before, but you still wanna tell me, half way. And ending it up blaming me for not understand you. My mind is fucked up.

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