Monday, October 15, 2012

A shallow minded guy asked me this today, "Eh tak bosan ke kelas hari-hari?". I was actually shocked because he asked me kelas hari-hari instead of kelas dari 8-5 hari-hari.
So I proudly said, "Well, this is my life". Then he smirked. I added, "In order to be a dentist, this is what I have to pay". I was trying to be more confident with what i'm doing now and to protect my ego. And I dont wanna looked fragile to him.

You see, I don't wanna look down on him, he's a law, private university student. Of course, he only got what, three to four classes per week? I mean, I feel so sorry for him. A law student who're having a shallow mind. What. A. Shame.
Its so common sense, being a dental student, a future dental surgeon to have a tough campus life. Pfft.

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