Monday, December 12, 2011


So, how are you guys doing? Sorry for not updating myself. Been busy, like usual. My studies was alright. My dental material lab work, err, more to project was stressful. But my seniors said it's just the beginning. Thus, I shall stop complaining. Trying to be more professional rather than being a bimbotic bratty girl. Sigh.

Oh I played futsal. Representing my faculty for SAF (sports interfaculty). We only succeed until quarter final. I guessed, we were't that bad eh? :p We got four matches overall. The first and the last game, we lost. And I shall say, it's mainly because of me? I caused the opponent to have a free PENALTY kick. I felt horrible back then. But they said it's okay, while I knew it's obviously not okay. Sigh again. But nevermind, we can play again for intervarsity sports this upcoming March. We surely will kick their asses hard! LOL.

We (me and birthday girl) spent time together at the very nearest place and we had so much fun. We ate good food and buy a kettle. Random, yet I need those. Haha. We went to a park with a lake nearby and saw a lots of family picniking (is that even a word?). And my senior shared a poster about one very small event held there. It was called, 'Puisi Satu Petang' (Poems in Evening). We arrived late, but managed to listen to some young adults recited their poems. And there was one big guy bring an ukulele, played and sing a Zee Avi song. To me, the event was nice, relaxing, and socializing with new and cool people. I am so looking forward with the next Puisi Satu Petang. And there was a plain white cloth with loads of reading sources on top of it. At first, I thought it was for sale, yet it amazed me because it's actually for borrowing. Like in a library. Interesting, weren't they? So we chose to borrow Fanzines, like in a Malaysian drama series called, 'KAMI'. Its my first time reading fanzines. It's funny yet so indiependently artistic :)


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