Sunday, December 18, 2011

DM lab experience.

1) Comot

After using Zinc Oxide and Eugenol paste over a week (yes, I redo many times) to do the secondary impression, my labcoat stained with the reddish-brown paste a lot. On the sleeves, my outer pocket, the whole labcoat lah basically.

Dr. Zethy: Amanani, you're so comot. (While evaluating my secondary impression).

Me: Oh, yeah. Takpelah, doctor. As long as the impression is done, I don't care if you wanna give me B or C.

Dr. Zethy: (Looking at my labcoat) Bukan ni (impression) jek. Haih, you ni.

Me: Oh, haha. I swear I won't be comot next week.

I decided to wash it, then my friend said, "Ala nani. Wait till we finished prostho then barulah cuci". Then I blindly took her advice.

Next week.

Dr. Zethy entered the lab. I was hoping that Dr. Zethy won't remember about my labcoat condition, until she said this, "Amanani, same jek you ni?". Then, I was speechless and embarassed. So, I sent the coat to the laundry shop, and now it hasn't finish washing it. She (the laundree) said, it was too dirty, the stain didn't wanna go away, and she wants to try wash it for the second time. -.-"

2) Attitude

While we were all setting up the teeth. Obviously, we were all sighing and mad with the lecturer because kept rejecting our work. We done it badly, I guessed, so we deserved that. But what we mad about was, the technician said we done alright, but the lecturer rejected it. So we got confused.

Me: Dr, how's my posterior upper teeth?

Dr. Lina: Your fossa should be buccally a bit from the ridge. Then your premolars and molars should be in a straight line. Yours are a bit curve. Bla..bla...bla..

Me: Oh okay. Dr, I want to ask a random question. You said, in real dentist life, the technician will setting up the teeth for the patient right, so it means that the technicians are more 'pro' in this process right, so why don't let the technician evaluate for us? (I let it out of my confusion, because I am sooo curious why the lecturer and technician said differently).

Then, I think the lecturer is a bit sentap with my question, it gave her 5-6 seconds to think, which I thought she's angry or something. Then she explains to me why. About the occlusion, then dentists are the one who treat the patient and all, thus we need to know every single details. Well, I am very clear now. Then, there's actually a lot if arguments I made with her. Until her mood changed from good to bad. At the end, I gave up, because I admit I lacked of knowledge, thus I need to study.

Then, Dr. Lina said, "I like your attitude. You're brave to ask, yet you're not rude".

*smiling* and said, "Oh, hehe, saya mmg admit lah saya tak study. Thats why I seemed to don't know anything and kept guessing".

No, I actually didn't say that. Because I forgot what I said actually hmm. Oh well :)

So, I am comot and brave now eh?


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