Sunday, October 5, 2014


This is big issue. Its regarding smoking. Dilemma between dakwah or taat perintah ibu bapa.

I know a story where, they've encountered (a hell lot of times) where their dad ask them to buy him a box of cigarettes. Which they USED to buy for him since they were little. But now they realize that smoking is not good for their dad's health and its haram too.

Sidetrack: How do I know its haram? Logically, when something that Allah said its haram, its either not good for you or because it will lead your heart astray from the path to worship Allah.

And so because they love their dad so much, they agreed to each other not to help their dad buy cigarettes anymore.

One day, the dad ask A to buy. But she refused. Then dad sighed angrily and asked, "dosa sangat ke?", she answered, " ha'ah".

Simple short question that their dad asked, already made everyone of them sentap and A cried. Then, B tewas. She went to the shop and helped their dad buy one. Then miracle happened. Allah seriously tests us, whether we choose to buy or not. B came back and said, "marlboro light dah habis". MashaAllah. Allah helps us, so easy. Macam tu jek. MashaAllah.

When Allah said no, then its a no.

Okay tu jek.

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