Saturday, July 6, 2013

Changing diet.

Choose baked/grilled, rather than fried.
Choose steamed/soup, rather than savoury.
Choose tosai/chapati, rather than paratha.
Choose raw vege, rather than cooked ones.
Request less sugar, rather than the conventional one.
Lessen the amount of white rice.
Choose wholemeal bread, rather than white bread.
Lessen caffeine intake.
Choose whole grain cereal, rather than high-sugar level cereal.
Choose yoghurt drink, rather than normal fresh milk.
Or rather, drink a hell lot of plenty many many plain water.

I am trying to eat as healthy as I can. As less fats and oils as I can. Eat a lot of ulams as I can, a lot of high fibre as I can.

Come on, nani! You can do this!
Towards flawless skin!
Kan dah kantoi.
Because I feel recently my skin full with blotting of the oil already :( Not that I have flawless skin before, I think it got worsen. And this cannot be neglected!


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