Wednesday, June 19, 2013

note to myself

what i realize,
in dentistry or being a dental student,
you can't be slow.
you can't work slow.
you can't think slow.
you can't walk slow.

you have to decide fast.
you have to answer fast.
you have to think fast.
you have to walk fast.

or else,
you are abnormal
and annoying

so basically,
you must always have knowledge.
be confident even if you're wrong.
or if you don't know,
admit that you didn't know.
be brave.

act fast.
DO NOT hesitate, then give smile.
the lecturers got annoyed
so easily if you're doing that.

so, a little tips here.
if you think you are slow,
put efforts to improve.
look at others and learn.
try and learn to take risks.
take harsh comments positively,
then work it out to improve.
and think a little,
for how long i'll be 'this' slow?

because we deal with patients.
other human beings.
though we didn't deal with
brains, intestines, heart or lungs,
we deal with mouth and teeth.
first impression of people of you.

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