Saturday, January 14, 2012

Foster Fever.


Well I went to the Foster The People concert. I wish I can describe more about my first experience going to a concert. But I can't (haha) due to some lame reason regarding exam week. Pfft. So here it goes, list of errhmmidk:

1) Foster The People performed freaking awesome!

2) I salute the one who handled the lights during the concert. Great!

3) Riots towards the securities happened. The securities were so strong.

4) Mark Foster danced on the stage. Super cute!

5) Mark and his people were veery energetic during the performance. Exciting!

6) I was amazed by how Mark Foster smiled with satisfaction when the crowds unitedly sang along their songs, especially Pumped Up Kicks.

7) Mark climbed up on the speaker while singing Pumped Up Kicks.

8) I was jumping like a mad lady non-stop. Its like adrenaline rush. It felt gooood X)

9) Mark throw his perspiratory towel into the fishes of crowd.

10) I saw a group of besties fight over a piece of Foster The People song sheet.

11) Some of them got Pontius (drummer) drumsticks.

12) Also there's people who got Mark Foster's mineral water bottle.

13) Everyone who came to the concert was ridiculously fashionable and good looking.

14) Tips: If you wanna go to a concert, you better spend buying the fanatic zone ticket. Believe me, it's kinda worth it.

15) Lastly, for Muslims don't forget to perform your prayers before having some entertainment.


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